DASCo Strategic and Development Plans

DASCo has identified seven strategic priorities; each one is led by a member of the Steering Group and has a supporting action plan.

  • Priority 1
    • School to School Support

    o Challenge Affiliations operate effectively enhanced by identified external / LA expertise as requested;
    o Capacity is identified and process of challenge and support agreed for Ofsted readiness;
    o Establish a data profile for each Challenge Affiliation to evidence success and further need.

Lead: David Lloyd, Angela Konarewski

  • Priority 2
    • Identifying and developing leadership potential

    o Develop future headteachers;
    o Develop potential leaders, including heads of Science;
    o Build strategic governance.

Lead: Director of DASCo

  • Priority 3
    • Build a DASCo School Improvement team (SIP)

    o Identify and support the training of potential SLEs, LLEs, NLEs, Master Teachers,
    o Mentor-Coaches and trained inspectors; Develop a scheme to deploy the SIP; Focus the SIP in reading and writing at KS2/KS3;
    o North Kent capacity is increased and developed to underpin school to school support.
    o Every Challenge Affiliation has a trained Mentor-Coach.

Lead: Garry Ratcliffe, Isabel Quinn, Karen Major

  • Priority 4
    • School-led ITT within KMT

    o Ensure all DASCo schools are actively engaged in the recruitment, selection and training of trainee teachers;
    o Contribute to high quality professional development opportunities.

Lead: Alex O’Donnell

  • Priority 5
    • Continuing Professional Development

    o Develop a programme of CPD to address our key needs and significant curriculum development including assessment without levels, Computer Science;
    o Promote membership of national networks e.g.PiXL.

Lead: Director of DASCo

  • Priority 6
    • Research and Development

    o Existing research is effectively used by schools;
    o Action research informs practice to develop excellent practice and outcomes. A particular focus would be attendance, vulnerable groups, reading, writing and maths.

Lead: Kate Reynolds, Joy Fourie

  • Priority 7
    • Build a sustainable structure that is valued by DASCo members

    o Company development and independent bank account;
    o Effective systems in place, e.g. Finance;
    o Value for money through economies of scale;
    o Ensure capacity to implement all key priorities.

Lead: Andy Williamson

DASCo (Single) Strategic Plan 2014-2