Membership Agreement

Dartford Area Schools’ Consortium (DASCo) Membership Agreement: October 2015

This Agreement forms a memorandum of understanding between DASCo and (name of school)


The Dartford Area Schools’ Consortium was established in September 2011 to lead collaboration between member schools and to improve the educational standards and emotional well-being of all children and young people attending DASCo schools.

In September 2015, DASCo was formally constituted as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. A copy of the full constitution can be found on the DASCo website.


To improve the life chances of our children and young people

Core Moral Purpose

The DASCo membership works together in a constructive and challenging way. It anticipates and prevents problems, taking on the collective role of a Teaching Alliance in order to raise the quality of education and outcomes in Dartford. Through a self-improving school system, this is evidenced by:

  • The achievement of all pupils in both attainment and progress; and by
  • Ofsted school gradings – every school in Dartford being at least Good and aspiring to be Outstanding


Membership is open to all schools and academies in the Dartford area by application to the DASCo Board of Trustees and on payment of a membership fee. Schools outside the Dartford area may be considered for membership at the discretion of the Trustees.

The membership fee will be re-negotiated on an annual basis to ensure parity and value for money. Headteachers should consult their Governing Bodies before committing to be a member of DASCo. Membership will be renewed during the autumn term of the new academic year.

Membership Benefits

a)  To access DASCo diagnostic reviews and support for development;
b)  Opportunity to determine and take part in joint projects that would be beyond the scope of individual schools to arrange;
c)  Access to member schools who have strengths and staff expertise, e.g.through co-ordinated study visits and joint training;
d)  Mutual support between membership schools on common issues e.g.Ofsted, working through small Affiliation groups;
e)  Regular updates regarding Ofsted and tailored support prior to Ofsted inspections;
f)  Shared and combined expertise, knowledge, skills, energy, enthusiasm and experience;
g)  Opportunities for pupils, governors and members of the wider school community to work and learn together;
h) A forum for discussion about common issues;
i) A strong network and voice for shared issues and concerns;
j) Joint response to future challenges, developments and opportunities; k) Access to free or non-profit making reduced rate charge CPD tailored to meet needs in DASCo schools;
l) Calendar of regular network events including three conferences per academic year with input from leading national experts; and
m) The opportunity to attract the interest of others in educational matters.

Membership Commitment

All member schools will:

a)  Support the vision and aims of the Consortium;

b)  Work together to achieve Outstanding practice within DASCo’s school improvement cycle;

c)  Ensure the Headteacher and relevant staff attend DASCo meetings and conferences for the purposes of planning, quality assurance and collaboration;

d)  Ensure staff are supported to attend network and project meetings and to share good practice and expertise, e.g. Affiliation meetings;

e)  Share relevant data, e.g. Ofsted Inspection dashboard, for the purposes of targeting support to maximise strengths and support areas of development;

f)  Support peer evaluation though a range of opportunities including peer-to-peer reviews;

g)  Be fully aware of their accountability and responsibility when committing to take part in DASCo funded activities and support the DASCo Charging and Cancellation Policy, which can be found on the DASCo website; and

h)  Be an enthusiastic advocate for DASCo.

Notice to withdraw from DASCo

  1. Written notice should be sent to the Chair of DASCo giving one term’s notice of the intention to leave.
  2. Schools and academies withdrawing from DASCo will be expected to honour any unexpired joint DASCo contracts to which they are a party.
  3. Schools and academies withdrawing from DASCo will be invited to complete an exit questionnaire to support the further development of the Consortium.

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